Save On Your Kitchen

Green KitchenThe 2nd runner up is the water-saving faucets. Pullout faucets have been slowly expanding in the kitchen remodeling market since last year. Microwave drawers are also becoming quite popular as of late. This particular drawer is beating the classic warming drawing in the market. Gas cooktops, microwave drawers are expected to gain a surge of growth in the coming years, while standard microwave and warming drawers will slowly decline.

As far as color schemes, gray and white are the perfect combination. These colors are also growing in popularity along with other colors such as white and off-white colors.
LED lights are also starting to trend, as well as beat out incandescent lights in the market. One of the main reasons why LED lights are dominating are mainly because they’re much more brighter than incandescents. However, even though LED lights are leading in popularity, incandescent lights still remain to be quite popular in the market.
When it comes to cabinet preferences, cherry tops are the most recommended for wooden cabinets, along with maple and alder tops.

Last but not least, in terms of flooring, wood, ceramic porcelain flooring remain to be two of the most popular and most recommended flooring materials in the market today.